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Across the years, Tailings Storage Facilities have moved from being the unwelcome distraction of a successful mining project to a front of mind concern for boards, managers and stakeholders – one that acutely focuses issues of safety, environmental responsibility, community relationships and licence to operate.

In this special report on Tailings Storage Facilities, Mining with Seequent looks at the seven key obstacles to success in running a TSF, and how to overcome them.

We talk to experts about the best ways to plan for closure. We analyse how the technologies available can support everyone involved in a TSF, from board to engineers to local communities. And we look at the potential that ‘Digital Twin’ modelling offers to spot failure early and mitigate the risks that can run into tens of millions of dollars.

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How using a digital twin can explore and prevent potential failures in tailing storage facilities

Read about the challenges and solutions to the mining Industry’s search for Tailings Storage Facilities’

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