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Welcome to Leapfrog, to start, you need to complete a few simple steps.


Create your Seequent ID

Your Seequent ID is your business email address that is registered with Seequent. Your Seequent ID (email+password) gives you secure access to your Leapfrog Works subscription, Seequent Central, online services (such as this training), and support resources. A Seequent ID with an active subscription is required to run Leapfrog applications installed on your computer.

If you already have a Seequent ID, you can sign in to Leapfrog.

If you don’t have a Seequent ID, please create one here.


Starting Leapfrog

To download the latest version on Leapfrog Works, sign in to MySeequent with your Seequent ID.

Once Leapfrog is installed, it’s easy to get up and running.

When you open Leapfrog, you will be presented with a sign in screen.

  1. Sign in with your Seequent ID.
  2. Click Remember me to skip this sign in step in subsequent Leapfrog Works sessions.

At the start of each session, you will be presented with this window where you can select the Organisation and Group you wish to consume from (if you have multiple options).

Any Extensions available to your Group will be listed.

  1. Tick the box for any Extensions you require for your session.

No extensions are required for this module.

  1. Click Get started to begin your Leapfrog Works session.

We recommend all new users familiarise themselves with our Getting Started and Fundamentals learning paths before creating their first project.

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