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Remove outliers with new filters and seamlessly move between platforms with Geosoft grids and voxels

The latest release of Workbench continues to improve the data processing and analysis experience with better processing tools, new TEM filters, clearer 3D visualisations, new chart options, and support for many new external colourmap and grid formats.

Key improvements and features include:

  • Import or export 2D grids and 3D volumes into Geosoft formats and visualise models across Workbench, Oasis montaj, and Leapfrog.
  • New TEM filters make cleaning data more efficient, leading to more accurate models.
  • Auto-categorise TEM IP data with colour-coded visuals to quickly correlate the lithology and data.
  • Streamline dual-moment data processing with the new Interval tool​​​​.
  • Improved plot synchronization, data selection, colormap support and text size management.
  • 3D Viewer DOI visualisation



Toke Højbjerg Søltoft

Director at Aarhus GeoSoftware – Seequent


28 minutes

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