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AGS Workbench Systems RequirementsRecommended hardware and software requirements for customers running AGS Workbench

If you are an IT Administrator, then we have information for server apps and network details here.

Important Notes / Unsupported Setups

Workbench operates efficiently on any modern PC with a minimum of 4 GB RAM but the performance and speed increase with RAM capacity. While 8 GB RAM is sufficient for small to medium-sized surveys, larger surveys require 16 to 256 GB.

Workbench benefits from more CPU-cores. While it supports up to 64 CPUs, even fewer (4-8) can handle inversions, albeit with longer processing times. However, for faster inversion processing, additional cores are advantageous. The inversion code is highly parallel, making more cores a cost-effective solution than relying on higher CPU frequencies (currently supporting a maximum of 64 CPUs).

Disk space requirements vary based on the number of model parameters used in the inversion. Most projects can be comfortably accommodated with 10 GB of disk space, bur large Workbench projects can be 50 GB+.

Core system Requirements



Operating System



4 CPUs
16 CPUs

System Memory

RAM: 16 GB


10 GB
256 GB

These system requirements may vary depending on the project and dataset size.