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Imago Help and Support

Imago Help and Support

Designed to help mining companies manage their high volume of geological images, imago is a cloud-based platform that extracts knowledge from geoscientific imagery. It consolidates images from any source, transforms them into meaningful insights and connects them to appropriate geological or mining activity.

Getting Started

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IT and Security

Imago is an Azure application and benefits from Azure’s security framework and capabilities.

IT and Security

System Architecture and Firewall Requirements

All information stored in Imago can be mirrored to local servers on demand if required.

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Imago Hardware Selection

View the Imago Hardware Selection flowchart to help you with selecting the right hardware for your organisation’s needs.

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Training & Guides

Learn the best ways to use Imago to solve some of your most complex problems.

Imago Handheld Rig

Imago Handheld Rig

The Imago handheld rig is a solution to capture consistent high-quality photographs on the field ...
Imago chip Shot - Assembly Walkthrough

Imago chip Shot – Assembly Walkthrough

Introduction The Imago Chip Shot System allows for the acquisition of high-resolution images of chip ...
Imago Single Shot

Imago Single Shot

Imago Single Shot is a practical photo station to capture Core photographs. It is lightweight, ...

Online Learning

Self-directed learning using our online learning paths to help you master key concepts, tools, and effective workflows.

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