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Imago 2024

Imago is a cloud-based solution for managing, cataloguing and visualising large volumes of geoscientific imagery. Imago includes integrated extensions for image capture in the core shed, field image collection through mobile devices and a suite tools and APIs for integrating imagery.

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Getting Started

Imago is designed to help you manage your high volume of geological images and will streamline capturing and managing your core imagery.

System Requirements

Imago has minimum system requirements to ensure the best experience while using the product. To ensure you have the correct setup, we have provided an overview of the minimum and recommended requirements to operate your Imago subscription.

System requirements

Imago help and resources

Imago is a cloud-based platform for managing high volumes of geoscientific imagery by capturing, cataloging and connecting core and chip tray images with geological models.

Help and resources

Imago Data Migration

For customers using Imago’s Data Migration services, you can transfer migration data sets to Seequent with this form. Note: Seequent uses ShareFile for bulk data transfers.

Data Transfer

Imago subscription setup guide

The Imago subscription setup guide describes the process to follow once you have received your Imago subscription.

Before getting started, it’s worthwhile getting familiar with how information is organised in Imago.

Information about the Imago data hierarchy, using the Imago Portal, how to access and manage your users, and how you can begin capturing images can be found within the subscription setup guide.

Imago subscription setup guide

Imago hardware

You don’t need expensive scanning solutions to capture images with Imago, but you must have a camera and appropriate hardware set up. The following articles provide information on the cameras compatible with Imago, how to set up manual camera settings, and where to purchase hardware for your Imago setup.

We have put together a handy flowchart to help guide you through some of the hardware decision-making process

Imago hardware suppliers

Our suppliers can help you in the decision making process.


Camera options

Imago – Which Camera to Buy?

Camera options

Crash course on manual camera settings

Capture Better Drill Core Images: Crash Course on Manual Camera Settings.

Camera settings

In addition to the hardware, you also need to consider the power supply and internet connection, a laptop and cable to connect to your camera, mobile devices for field work, installing the software on your devices, and naming your workspaces and datasets appropriately to ensure your data is catalogued in the best way for your operations.

Imago modules

Imago has several different modules available to use with your subscription.

Login to the Imago Portal

Imago Portal

Download Imago Capture X

Imago Capture X

Download Imago Connect + Tools

Imago Connect

Download Imago Mobile

Play store

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