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Our friends at Dynamics G-Ex have produced the Split Shot: an affordable, easy to use, manual rig to capture high-quality photographs of your core when it is still in the split.

A mobile phone with Imago Mobile app and a translational move is used. Captured images are uploaded directly into Imago’s Web Portal. Images are stitched together to produce a high quality panorama. Here is how it works:

With the Split Shot, you will be able to capture photographs of your core alongside the rig, being able to preserve and analyze Geotech characteristics that are difficult or inaccurate to study with the broken or transported core.

Fig. 1. Our friends at Dynamix G-Ex are able to build and ship this equipment. Contact us, or them, to obtain more information.

If you think this could be the right setup for your project or you have questions, reach out, our team would be happy to talk.