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Here at Seequent we are committed to seeing the possibilities and anticipating what is next. As such, we are continuously evolving to better serve you.

You can now actively monitor and manage your support request via MySeequent using your unique Seequent ID.

Support Requests

Don’t have a Seequent ID yet?

Seequent ID is a simple and secure sign-in enabling you to easily access all of your personalised resources and solutions. It’s quick and easy to create a Seequent ID with your e-mail address and some basic information.

Create Seequent ID

For more information on how to manage your support request in MySeequent, please review the common questions below.

Who can create a new Support request?
If you are a user of our software, you can create a support request for any technical/product issues you might have to help you get the best out of your Seequent software

Why can’t I see the Support Request I’m looking for in MySeequent?
Your business email address that you use for your Seequent ID is your unique identifier therefore any support request that you submitted using a different e-mail address will possibly not show. Please submit a new request for our support team to combine support items sitting across multiple e-mail addresses.

Is there a cost to a support request?
You, as our valued customer with a current subscription or support and maintenance can submit a support request free of charge whenever you need assistance

Can I create a support request on behalf of someone else?
When you submit a support request via MySeequent it will automatically be linked to your unique Seequent ID. If you submit a request on behalf of someone else, they will not be able to view or manage that request. If a user is unable to access MySeequent, please reach out to your local support team.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team.