What's new in Target 9.9

9.9 delivers a faster, more powerful version of Oasis montaj and Target to help solve today’s geophysical analysis challenges with ease. Updates to key algorithms add power for better performance and optimised workflows.

Streamlined essential elements and extensions deliver a smoother user experience, while improved interoperability and flexibility lay the building blocks for more to come. The MAGMAP extension, now called 2D Filtering, allows you to process all types of data and gives you enhanced capability with matched filter.

For a limited time, forward and inverse modelling in 2.5D is available as a beta capability as part of your VOXI Time Domain EM subscription.

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Get up and running quickly with Target for ArcGIS Pro You can browse the topics in the Getting Started section, or you can use the list below to go directly to the topic you need. If you don't have the ...
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Kathryn Gall, BSc, GradCert Geostats, MAusIMM - Senior Technical Lead, Seequent Nick Anderson, BSc(Hons), MSc, MAusIMM - Product Manager - Geotools, Deswik In mining geology, robust mine mapping and interpretation of ore-controlling features are important to reduce risk associated with ...
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Industry-first tool enables geoscientists to find what’s hidden faster with seamless integration of subsurface drilling and borehole data into ArcGIS Pro ...
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Planning large campaigns of surface drillholes for resource definition or grade control infill can be a time-consuming task. Collars need to be designed and snapped to topography; variations in target depth are also a consideration to ensure drill meters are ...
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Classical geostatistical estimation requires the user to define volumes of stationarity (domains) within which estimation can be safely performed. In basic estimation a single constant orientation for search and variogram is then applied across the domain. If the geometry of ...
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Presented by Laura Quigley, Technical Analyst, Seequent (51:03) ...
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In this guide we’ll show how to snap (or influence) a surface with mapped points. This example shows how to add points into the hanging-wall (HW) and footwall (FW) of a vein. (9:29) ...
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In this blog we’ll explain how to use Leapfrog Geo’s Form Interpolant, a powerful illustrative tool for visualising structural data and identifying broad trends in 3D. When preparing your drillhole data for modelling, many geologists are daunted by the initial ...
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The latest release of Leapfrog software has arrived and includes a plethora of new features. 2D Mesh Merging is one of the new features to arrive this October. This feature is available across all Leapfrog products including the new Leapfrog ...
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Recently released, Leapfrog Geo 4.5 is all about usability and workflow enhancements. Continuing with this theme, we asked our local support teams to share their favorite tips and tricks that will save you time and further improve your experience with ...
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This online training seminar includes industry best practices for using UXO Marine to process and interpret offshore geophysical survey data to locate and analyse unexploded ordnance targets. New and experienced users alike will walk away with practical tips to improve ...
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