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Geoscience is evolvingDiscover how geoscience professionals are overcoming obstacles in mining, energy, civil engineering, and environmental industries with technology and innovation.

a photo of a group of students looking at Visible Geology geological models on their screens

Geoscientists: an endangered species. Inspiring the next generation of earth scientists with Visible Geology.

Seequent Segment Director for the Environment Thomas D. Krom asks; “Where have all our geoscientists gone? We urgently need them ...
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a screenshot of a subsurface geological model from a presentation showcasing VOXI

Building decision-ready models with VOXI

Watch this expert-led webinar with Seequent Geophysicist, Jack, who will walk you through how to effectively utilise constraints in your ...
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a photo of a person pointing at a laptop displaying a Visible Geology geological model

Science meets gaming: Seequent launches free web app to help combat global shortage of earth scientists

MEDIA RELEASE - Global software company engages leading game development studio in a bid to revolutionise earth science educationCHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND, ...
an arial photo of the Semantok Dam, with the dam water on the left and the forest on the right

Solving complex geotechnical design challenges for the longest Dam in South-East Asia.

With a capacity of 33 million cubic metres of water and stretching a vast 3.1 kilometres, Indonesia’s Semantok Dam is ...
/ Civil, GeoStudio, Geotechnical, PLAXIS
a screenshot of the digital twin geological model using PLAXIS and Leapfrog Works.

Revolutionising Rail Travel: Germany’s New High-Speed Traffic Line

Using advanced 3D modeling techniques, Germany's new high-speed rail project overcomes complex subsoil, data integration, and coordination challenges. Spanning 100 ...
/ Civil, Leapfrog Works, PLAXIS, Videos
a screenshot from the webinar displaying volsung

Revolutionising subsurface monitoring: a cost-effective 4D gravity workflow

In this webinar, our industry experts will guide you through implementing a state-of-the-art, cloud-enabled voxel gravity inversion workflow. This workflow ...
Nickel Mining in Indonesia landscape image.

How geo-data workflow experts are transforming nickel mining in Indonesia

Emerging technologies in the transition towards a decarbonised future are re-wiring the global energy map. Ranked number one in the ...