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This article originally appeared in Quarry Magazine.

Hanson Australia is a leader in building and construction materials with a vision to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions with lasting value to our customers and community.

Backed by Heidelberg Materials, one of the world’s largest aggregate producers, Hanson are leading change to build a sustainable future which is revolutionising the way they do business. Seequent’s Industrial Minerals solution is helping them forge that change.

The journey to digital transformation for Industrial and Construction Minerals companies has in previous years been slow, despite ever-increasing pressures of sustainability and carbon neutrality of mining operations. However, further efficiencies and a better understanding of the geological data is evidence that this is changing.

Working closely with trusted Seequent Channel Partner, Eltirus, Hanson has taken steps to further transform their approach to geological data management, resource modelling, and resource assessment.

“The implementation of Leapfrog Geo into Hanson’s Australian operations as the primary geological modelling and resource assessment tool, coupled with Seequent Central’s data hosting and collaboration solution, has begun to unlock the value of Hanson’s geological data and resources” says Steve Kenworthy, Hanson.

With Leapfrog Geo, Hanson’s geologists can now undertake true 3D resource modelling (image below) which can be quickly updated when new data becomes available from drilling or face mapping.

Screenshot of Hanson Leapfrog Geo model

Over twenty of the quarry sites operated by Hanson have been modelled in Leapfrog Geo and can be quickly shared across the stakeholder group, ensuring streamlined and efficient collaboration (and with Eltirus’ experts when additional technical support is needed). The implementation of these tools also ensures that everyone is always working with the latest information. This ability to have “one version of the truth” of the geological data for each site saves time and effort and leads to better and quicker decision making.

“I am delighted to see how Hanson has delivered on its business goals through this digital transformation initiative. This sets a solid foundation from which the company’s operations can better predict the quality of the construction materials extracted to meet the needs of its customers”, says Pieter Neethling, Segment Director, Mining Operations, Seequent.

Digital transformation enables:

  • Better decisions through deeper understanding of the resource base, improved understanding of variability and optimised planning
  • Greater efficiency through reduced variability, monitoring of real time performance vs plan and optimisation of material flow
  • Value driven by consistent quality and reduced waste.

Says Seequent Channel Partner, Eltirus “We continue to work with Hanson to investigate opportunities to unlock the value of geological data across their business – and Seequent is a key part of the solution!”

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Jackie Gauntlett, Technical Services Manager, Eltirus
Steve Kenworthy, National Geology Manager, Hanson