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Seequent is pleased to announce a formal Technology Partnership with Oasys, representing a significant step forward in the realm of geotechnical technology. This collaboration has led to the development of a sophisticated geotechnical graphing tool, Oasys Giraphe, which is poised to enhance the functionality of OpenGround, our established cloud-based solution for geotechnical information management.

Enhancing Geotechnical Analysis: Seequent and Oasys Integration

Oasys, Arup’s software house and a distinguished provider of engineering software, has collaborated with Seequent to integrate Giraphe with OpenGround. This geotechnical graphing integration is designed to augment the analytical capabilities of OpenGround, providing users with advanced tools for data interpretation and reporting.

Oasys Giraphe: A Graphical Advancement in Geotechnical Analysis

Oasys Giraphe is a noteworthy addition to the Oasys Geotechnical product portfolio, offering users the ability to generate geotechnical graph outputs using data from OpenGround with ease. Giraphe simplifies the process by providing a library of geotechnical graphs and the option to create custom graphs based on specific data requirements. The tool’s dynamic graphs facilitate efficient data interpretation, promoting consistency in graphical representations across organisations.

Seamless Access and Collaboration Through Cloud Integration

Giraphe is seamlessly integrated with OpenGround, utilising its API to ensure users can access geotechnical data from any location. Leveraging cloud technology, Giraphe supports collaboration among team members and stakeholders, enabling geotechnical engineers to spend more time on data understanding rather than the intricacies of plotting and analysis.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Mark Skinner, Geotechnical Portfolio Product Manager at Oasys, provides insight into the collaboration: “In planning our implementation of OpenGround at Arup, it became evident that our customised geotechnical graphing capability from gINT needed a seamless transition. Giraphe not only accomplishes this but also presents an opportunity to leverage technological advances.”
Pat McLarin, Segment Director, Civil, expresses optimism about the collaboration: “We are excited about the OpenGround user community benefiting from the advanced interactive graphing and reporting capabilities in Giraphe. The collaboration with the Oasys team, with their extensive data experience and user focus, extends OpenGround with valuable tools for geotechnical engineers.”

Embracing the Future of Geotechnical Data Management

As we move forward, we invite OpenGround i5 users to explore the combined capabilities of OpenGround and Giraphe. If you are not yet a user, details on transitioning to OpenGround are available here. Join us as we contribute to the evolution of geotechnical collaboration and analysis in partnership with Oasys and our other esteemed Seequent Technology Partners.

The recent webinar, ‘Leveraging cloud technology: Integrating dynamic geotechnical graphing within your workflow,’ served as a platform to introduce Oasys Giraphe in collaboration with Seequent. The recorded webinar is available for viewing.

View Webinar here.

Learn more about Giraphe: