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This webinar, presented by Ground Engineering magazine and Seequent, delved into a new dynamic charting and visualisation tool integrated into the OpenGround cloud-based geotechnical information management platform.

The webinar on “Leveraging cloud technology: Integrating dynamic geotechnical graphing within your workflow” took place on 26 October at 2 pm BST.
The key speakers included Seequent strategic advisor to the geotechnical management team Roger Chandler, and Arup associate and Oasys geotechnical portfolio product manager Mark Skinner.
The webinar includes:
  • An overview of Seequent’s OpenGround platform and how it is set up for integration and automation.
  • An introduction to Oasys – Arup’s software house – which provides products for structural, geotechnical and pedestrian simulation.
Due to the extensibility of OpenGround, Oasys has closely collaborated with Seequent to leverage the platform and build out its capabilities. Arup showcased some of the initial automations that it has built with OpenGround.
A result of this work specifically focused on dynamic geotechnical graphing, is the Giraphe integration for the platform.
This product was demoed during the webinar to showcase the benefits of dynamic graphing, ease of production and cloud technology.
The webinar was wrapped up with a Q&A session.



Roger Chandler – Seequent

Mark Skinner – Arup


56 mins

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