What's new in Leapfrog Edge 2021.1

This bold new release of Leapfrog 2021.1 builds on the strong foundations that we laid in the last release. Expect modernised deployment, powerful performance, fresh new features, user-centric enhancements and more.

The sub-block model format design has been enhanced for geometry representation, optimising efficiency and providing major processing time reductions. Experience streamlined modelling with the new Grouped Mesh tool in the Combined Models folder.

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This webinar will take you through a basic workflow to help you get started on your first estimation in Leapfrog Edge. This webinar we will cover:
• Considerations for the input data
• Setting up the estimators
• How to validate the estimate
• ...
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Classical geostatistical estimation requires the user to define volumes of stationarity (domains) within which estimation can be safely performed. In basic estimation a single constant orientation for search and variogram is then applied across the domain. If the geometry of ...
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The latest release of Leapfrog software has arrived and includes a plethora of new features. 2D Mesh Merging is one of the new features to arrive this October. This feature is available across all Leapfrog products including the new Leapfrog ...
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It is not often in geology that mineralisation or geological units behave in a consistent planar fashion. This article aims to give users an introduction to the application of structural trends and how they can be applied to a model ...
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The latest release of Seequent’s Leapfrog software has arrived! This new release focuses on improving daily workflows with new simple and intuitive tools. One of the top new features to arrive in October is Freeze/Unfreeze. This feature is available across ...
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In this blog, we will cover the workflow steps to report grades and tonnes of stopes in an underground mine. In Leapfrog Edge, the Resource Report is a pivot table for reporting on resources and reserves in accordance with standards, ...
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Users of Leapfrog Geo will probably recognise the term ‘spheroidal‘ from the geometric and numerical modelling tools available in Leapfrog Geo. The choice (and parameters) of this interpolant function (linear or spheroidal) changes the behaviour of modelled geological or grade ...
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Ask many resource practitioners about declustering, and the chances are they will shake their head and mutter something about it being a ‘dark art’. The purpose of this blog is to describe the algorithms that underlie the Decluster Tool in ...
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In addition to interpolation, Leapfrog provides two tools that gives you control over the continuity of grade in your numeric models. These are the “Global Trend”, and the more advanced “Structural Trend” ...
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One simple yet effective method for testing estimation sensitivity is to run a jack-knife analysis, wherein a sample or set of samples is intentionally removed from a dataset, an estimation is performed in the location of the missing samples, and ...
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Learn about Variable Orientation ...
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This video walks you through a close look at how to set up a robust and dynamic workflow for your underground grade control models. This workshop will cover: • Tips and tricks for generating underground workflows in Leapfrog Edge
• Fundamental ...
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Learn how to take advantage of the advanced features of Leapfrog Geothermal and Edge (our add on geostatistical module) and determine the best drilling target for your next deep geothermal well. This presentation introduces a new and modern workflow for ...
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First launched in December 2018, Leapfrog Edge is an intuitive and highly visual estimation module for today’s resource estimation challenges. Unique to Edge, the resource estimation workflow is fully integrated with geological modelling, with users able to refine or add ...
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