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Safeguarding the World’s Water

Water security is a topic that has increasingly concerned academia, government and NGOs in recent years – with good cause. Climate change, burgeoning populations and shifting lifestyles have all placed pressure on this critical resource.

Increasingly, we are seeing clients working to address issues around water availability (quantity) and water suitability (quality). The geology around these issues can be complex and it’s not always understood.

In this edition of Unearthed, we examine some of these challenges and in particular, we focus on the roles we as geoscientists and engineers have to play in mitigating them.

We are also delighted that in this edition, we have expert contributors from our Geosoft team. Geosoft joined Seequent in 2018 and brings a portfolio of software designed to visualise geophysical data.

We also look at a number of innovative approaches being employed to comprehend these issues and take more effective action to reduce their impacts.

Water is the one resource for which no substitute exists.

At Seequent, we know that supporting our customers in helping them understand and manage this vital resource is an important part of the contribution we can make to ensuring water security for all.

Daniel Wallace General Manager, Civil and Environmental Industries, Seequent

Daniel Wallace
General Manager, Civil and
Environmental Industries, Seequent

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Stories from this edition

Contaminants extension

Water Security and: Emerging Contaminants

Emerging Contaminants are generally those introduced into water sources from waste

Water Security and: Subsidence

Shifts in tectonic plates, geological faulting and soft clay geology have long been contributors

Water Security and: Humanitarian Crises

How a deeper understanding of geology was able to alleviate water shortages for thousands

Water Security and: Tailings Dams

Tailings dams are the most common way mining companies deal with waste disposal

Water security facts & figures

Some key facts and figures relating to water security.

Four Emerging Trends For Water Security

Water security has traditionally been challenged by factors such as degradation in quality

Things you may not know about H2O

Is water a gas or glass? - some things you might not know about water

The Technology Revealing the Earth’s Groundwater Secrets

Electromagnetic (EM) surveying is a technique that has been used to map mineral resources.

Sponge Cities

A Sponge City is designed to absorb, clean, and reuse rainfall in a safe, ecological…
Case Studies

Emu Swamp dam: improving stakeholder communication through 3d visualisation

The Emu Swamp Dam is a proposed 12,100 megalitre urban and irrigation supply dam on…