How can you optimise mining production from extraction to recovery?
Hear how professionals are using digital tools to make the most of their resources. 


Using a digital twin to explore potential failures in tailing storage facilities

Safe management of tailings storage facilities requires a transparent and dynamic process that documents the…

Connecting all the dots: Digital ore tracking at the Red Dog Mine

This is a case study describing how Red Dog Mines are integrating all of their…

Tailings storage facilities – Risk mitigation in a multi-stakeholder environment

The new Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management, says mining companies must strive to deliver…

Progressing towards leading practice tailings management through knowledge integration and communication

Tailings storage facilities are among the most visible legacies of mining operations and we recently…

Solving geotechnical engineering challenges holistically at modern mine sites

Mining has become a true multi-disciplinary activity, and the efficient extraction of ore requires the…

The Seequent tailings solution: A collaborative workflow approach to TSF management

A streamlined workflow that enables all TSF project stakeholders to maintain complete data transparency and…

Foliation modelling within active mining environments as a tool for geotechnical rock mass management

Discover how foliation modelling tools support a better understanding of the rock mass behaviour and…

Implementing photogrammetry into dynamic grade control workflows at the Waihi gold mine

Discover how new developments in the field of photogrammetry and grade control modelling to produce…

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