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What is Lyceum?

Lyceum was a gymnasium in Classical Athens, made famous as a place of learning when Aristotle established his school there. It became an arena where thinkers and leaders held discussions, debated, and learned from each other.

2,500 years later we continue the spirit of Lyceum at dedicated events around the world where we learn from our customers, understand their challenges, and explore solutions.

If you’re in the geosciences, Lyceum is a must-attend conference to share stories with your peers, learn industry best practices, and hear about current trends in data, geoscience, and risk management. It’s your chance to discover Seequent solutions, hear new product announcements, and learn what you can expect from us in the upcoming year.

Lyceum is also an arena for you to drive the future of geoscience technology. You’ll be able to view our latest solutions in action and provide direct, in-person feedback to product specialists.

Lyceum 2019 Recap

Check out our featured sessions, and video highlights.

Managing Risk in Challenging Times

This year, we explored how geoscience professionals are identifying, managing, and communicating risk across the lifecycle of their projects – and how they’re harnessing Seequent solutions to tackle these challenges.

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