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Enabling better decisions about earth, environment, and energy challenges.

Our understanding of global challenges is core to our approach to sustainable technology and is grounded in the way we work with our clients and our business.

We continue to deepen the integration of sustainable technology within our core work, mobilising our best thinking across the business on central questions for our clients.

Here we go deeper into several examples.

Clean water

Groundwater management in southern California

Sustainable water usage, groundwater replenishment and prioritising contaminated sites for clean-up in the State of California

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How wastewater becomes clean energy in California

30 Olympic swimming pools worth of reclaimed water rush into the Mayacama mountains outside San…

Mollusks, levies, and earthquakes: A map of Mississippi’s aquifers answers unexpected questions

One of the largest groundwater surveys in the USA is also answering unexpected questions about…
Contaminants extension

Seequent launches contaminated site solution to aid environmental sustainability

Global geoscience software company Seequent has released a Contaminants extension for its 3D modelling and…

Clean energy

Denmark geophysics groundwater helicopter

Mapping Denmark’s groundwater from the sky

Denmark’s groundwater is so clean, you can almost drink it straight out of the ground.…
A photograph of wind turbines in the ocean

Fugro supports the future of sustainable energy infrastructure with new resistivity survey technology

Fugro’s latest innovation in geophysical technology, WAGEO, together with Seequent’s AGS Res2DInv software can unlock…

Resilient Infrastructure

Technology transforms critical infrastructure projects globally with ground information modelling

We have become the industry standard for Ground Information Models (GIM), being widely adopted by the world’s leading civil engineering companies working on some of the world’s most significant transportation and infrastructure projects.

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Case Studies

Seequent’s technology transforms critical infrastructure projects globally with ground information modelling

Infrastructure projects are technically and operationally complex - from design through to construction, and completion…

Groundwater management in Southern California

The Water Replenishment District (WRD), the largest groundwater agency in the State of California, has…


Seequent and Microsoft partner in global water sustainability commitments

We have been highlighted as one of four global partners working with Microsoft and its customers to drive change for good around water quality and conservation.

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Success stories

In over 100 countries, industry professionals are using Seequent technologies to tackle challenges in the geosciences – and they’re delivering powerful results.

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