Enabling better decisions about earth, environment, and energy challenges.

Our understanding of global challenges is core to our approach to sustainable technology and is grounded in the way we work with our clients and our business.

We continue to deepen the integration of sustainable technology within our core work, mobilising our best thinking across the business on central questions for some of our clients.

Here we go deeper into several examples.

Clean water

Clean Water

Using 3D technology to find water for refugees

Canadian geophysicists travelled to Bangladesh on a mission to help source clean, uncontaminated water for…
Clean Water

Tackling water scarcity in Chad with the ResEau project

Discover how the ResEau project helps build and manage water knowledge to help support communities…
Clean Water

Satellite-based lake health monitoring system an aerospace winner

Seequent wins New Zealand aerospace innovation challenge; continues to expand its geoscience solutions to help…

Groundwater management in southern California

Sustainable water usage, groundwater replenishment and prioritising contaminated sites for clean-up in the State of California

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Sustainable cities and communities

Civil Success

Emu Swamp dam: improving stakeholder communication through 3d visualisation

The Emu Swamp Dam is a proposed 12,100 megalitre urban and irrigation supply dam on…
The Beehive, house of parliament Wellington, New Zealand
Civil Success

Modelling the Wellington subsurface to understand seismic risk

Understanding the seismic risk of New Zealand’s capital city requires an in-depth understanding of the…

Using 3d insights to make better decisions for Italy’s wetlands

Researchers in the Po Delta region of Italy, a beautiful landscape that attracts global tourists, created…


How the Australian mining industry is protecting ancient underground organisms

Leapfrog Geo, has also been used to model the habitat of subterranean fauna: ancient organisms that live underground and influence the health of water and soil. Contains 1.5 minute video.

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Affordable and clean energy

Clean energy

Radiator earth: how geothermal is evolving under our feet

Hundreds of multimillion dollar wells make high temperature geothermal projects a major investment. New technologies…
Clean energy

Reykjavik Energy, Iceland

Reykjavik Energy (OR) is the main power and utility company that supplies electricity, heating and…
Clean energy

Could lithium mining be Cornwall’s new frontier?

Junior exploration company Cornish Lithium believes that lithium could revitalise Cornwall’s once prosperous mining industry 

A new future for geothermal: the Utah FORGE project

In November 2018, we kicked off a five-year partnership with the Utah FORGE (Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy) project at the University of Utah. Contains a 3.5 minute video

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Unexploded ordnance

Geoscience for good

Liberating the world from an explosive legacy

The role of geoscience in locating the unexploded bombs that claim lives, endanger workers and…
Geoscience for good

Why offshore windfarms fear what lies on the seabed

Undersea unexploded ordnance (UXO) are a risk to windfarm construction in the UK’s North Sea,…
Geoscience for good

Unexploded ordnance in strange places

Oasis montaj and UXO software were also the chosen tools of SAND Geophysics who were…

Climate action

Looking into ice: understanding Antarctica’s glaciers

Approximately 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice that is on average, 1.9 km thick. Antarctica is nearly twice the size of Australia, so there are significant implications for sea level rise if this ice were to retreat due to rising global temperatures. Contains 1.5 minute video.

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Success stories

In over 100 countries, industry professionals are using Seequent technologies to tackle challenges in the geosciences – and they’re delivering powerful results.

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