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The Water Replenishment District (WRD), the largest groundwater agency in the State of California, has the important job of managing and protecting local groundwater resources for over four million residents. WRD’s service area covers a 420 square mile region of southern Los Angeles County, the most populated county in the United States. The 43 cities in the service area, including a portion of the City of Los Angeles, use about 250,000 acre‐feet (82 billion gallons) of groundwater annually which accounts for approximately half of the region’s water supply. Through WRD’s Water Independence Now Program, the district has become completely sustainable using local resources including advanced treated recycled water to replenish groundwater supplies.

To enhance management of these valuable water resources, the District has created a full 3D high resolution digital geologic and groundwater model of the Central and West Coast Basins (Basins). The model significantly advances their understanding of the groundwater flow systems and helps identify contaminated sites in both Basins. The District created a range of visually descriptive models in Seequent’s Leapfrog Works using extensive and diverse data sets that are regularly updated including – geologic, hydrogeologic, geophysical, groundwater contamination, well inventory (from 350 groundwater monitoring wells), seawater intrusion, and other types of data. The District’s team works together remotely on the same data in real-time with Seequent Central.

Brian Partington, Manager of Hydrogeology, WRD says the District can communicate with scientists, engineers, other staff and management, stakeholders and the general public with information they can readily understand and make decisions in real-time with Seequent’s highly visual solutions.

“WRD has enhanced support for its robust network of groundwater monitoring wells by offering real-time data from Seequent Central and visual data from Leapfrog Works to geologists in the field, state and national regulators, and stakeholders assisting with contamination sites. Also, being able to show our data in visually engaging ways creates trust and awareness when communicating with the general public.”

WRD created a geologic and groundwater model of California’s Central and West Coast Basins in Seequent’s Leapfrog Works

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