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Analyse, process, and model your geology and drillhole data – in 2D and 3D – within Esri ArcMap

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Work on multiple maps and 3D scenes – all in a single workspace.
Process, manage, and model your drillhole and geology data within Esri’s new ArcGIS Pro environment.
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Advance your understanding of drillhole and subsurface data within Esri ArcMap.

Simplify modelling and analysis

Quickly import, visualise, and work with drillhole data in the Esri ArcMap environment.


Use the trusted solution

Target for ArcMap is an established tool for viewing and managing drillhole data within the Esri environment. Use the Esri platform and geoprocessing tools you’re familiar with on drillhole data.

As Esri phases out development and maintenance of the ArcMap platform (10.8.1 being the last version supported), we can support your transition over to the powerful ArcGIS environment. As an Esri Gold partner, Target for ArcGIS Pro leads the way for viewing and managing drillhole data within the Esri environment.

Collaborate across teams

Create and share geological interpretations more effectively within the Esri environment. 

“Target for ArcGIS will allow us to exchange our data, and particularly our visualisations, as freely as possible with Esri ArcGIS users.”

Mark ParkerManaging Director of African Eagle Resources plc

“Esri ArcGIS is an outstanding package and Target provides the facility to plot drillholes within ArcGIS.”

Julian MisiewiczConsulting Geologist for Africa and Europe with Gold Fields International

Fast, flexible data processing

3D geological modelling

Model your geology data faster and more effectively within Esri ArcMap and work with Esri file formats and three-dimensional geosurface files across both Target and Esri platforms.

Quickly join together section interpretations to build wireframes and create multiple isosurfaces. Easily share 3D wireframes as surface files or in ArcScene.

Geochemical data analysis

Target for ArcMap includes a toolset for geochemical data analysis within Esri ArcMap. Simplify your geochemistry quality control process and maintain data in an Esri file geodatabase using a data model optimised for geochemical data.

Effectively examine multivariate relationships, uncover underlying structures, and present results with visually impactful maps.

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