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Visualice, controle la calidad y comparta datos geocientíficos y de perforaciones para encontrar más rápido aquello que está oculto.

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Target for ArcGIS

Mejore su comprensión de los datos de perforación y subsuelo en el entorno avanzado de Esri ArcGIS Pro.

Para ArcGIS Pro

Target para ArcMap

Interprete sus datos de perforación y subsuelo dentro de Esri ArcMap.

Tome decisiones de exploración más rápido y con más información

Explore de forma más efectiva

Automate routine data processing tasks and streamline workflows to spend less time processing data and more time exploring. Easy-to-use interactive tools support every stage of your exploration projects, so you can:

  • Import drilling and subsurface data from a wide variety of sources
  • Perform quality control and calculate economic composites
  • Create plan maps and single or multiple sections with 3D visualisation and interpretation tools
  • Build 3D subsurface geological models, 3D voxels, or block models and isosurfaces with wireframing tools
  • Plan drillholes in 2D and 3D

Reúna todos los datos en un solo lugar

Make confident decisions using all of your existing and ongoing geology, geophysics, geochemistry, and GIS data. Create integrated interpretations that improve prospecting and discovery results.

Import and organise more than 50 supported data formats including CAD, GIS, and mine planning and modelling. Connect your 3D model with the original data to validate your thinking. Build iterations rapidly and refine your 3D results as new data is collected.

Colabore con otras disciplina

Effectively share and discuss your results with team members and knowledge experts. Work together to better manage project risk, costs, and timelines.

View all your drillhole data as maps, sections, and 3D views in a single integrated environment. Incorporate data from major mine planning and other exploration software formats. Share your results as 2D or 3D PDF files or by exporting them to a variety of file formats.

“Target is very intuitive and easy to learn, but the key is how well it integrates surface data and downhole drill data. With the wireframing features now incorporated, it’s also able to meet our 3D geology requirements.”

Jim RoyallExploration Manager

“Target allows us to do comprehensive compilations by tying in historical data with airborne and ground geophysics and our latest geochemical and drillhole data. It graphically communicates important information to both investors and geologists.”

Garrett AinsworthVice President of Exploration

Integre sus datos de exploración

Minimise risks, costs, and time with automated and manual tools for data QA/QC, modelling, and analysis.

Participación Centrale informe

Importación, organización y validación de datos

Los asistentes de importación fáciles de usar y las bases de datos eficientes permiten una organización rápida de todo tipo de datos de perforación. Trabaje con más de 50 formatos de datos compatibles. Valide, identifique y corrija las discrepancias con un conjunto completo de herramientas de garantía y control de calidad.

Mapeo y análisis integrados

Create integrated maps using geology, geophysics, geochemistry, GIS data, and satellite imagery to increase your subsurface understanding. Create grids, and add contours, geophysics, and remote sensing data to enhance your interpretations and guide drilling decisions.

Work seamlessly across exploration and GIS environments with built-in Esri integration.

Mapeo e interpretación de secciones

Visualise your subsurface data by creating sections, stacked sections, fence diagrams, and graphical borehole logs. Quickly create detailed sections for interpretation and geological modelling.

Incorporate surface data, slice voxels and 3D wireframes or meshes into sections to guide your interpretations. Share results and information more efficiently via visually rich e-maps, 3D PDFs, and Map Snapshots to mark areas of interest.

Modelado geológico

Build 3D subsurface geological models from digitised interpretations with Target’s easy-to-use wireframing interface. Collaborate on 3D modelling projects by sharing interpretations and wireframing results.

Create 3D voxel block models and isosurfaces from your drillhole data. Calculate volume and grade estimates based on geological models.

Planificación e informes de perforación

Create professional presentations for daily or seasonal drillhole planning and project management. Plan new drillholes within an existing project – in 2D and 3D.

Refresh and update plan and section maps using automated tools, to make informed daily targeting and drilling decisions.  

Análisis geoquímico y control de calidad

Effectively import, validate, and analyse your surface geochemical data with a toolset designed for exploration geologists. Easily perform essential tasks for due-diligence and reporting.

Conduct geochemical analysis using summary statistics, histograms, scattergrams, tri-plots, principle component analysis, probability analysis and correlation plots.

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