A simple and secure way to access and manage your essential geoscience solutions

At Seequent, our goal is to enable you to work seamlessly throughout the lifecycle of your projects.

Seequent ID, is a simple and secure sign in enabling you to easily access all of your personalised resources and solutions. Your unique Seequent ID provides access to MySeequent, and Seequent products and services.

Creating/Managing Your Seequent ID

Your Seequent ID is your e-mail address registered with Seequent, it gives you secure access to Seequent services and online resources.

Why do I need a Seequent ID?

You require a Seequent ID to access Seequent products including Leapfrog, Geosoft and GeoStudio, as well as MySeequent resources.

I need to Create a Seequent ID

It’s quick and easy to create a Seequent ID with your e-mail address and some basic information.

Create Your ID

I Currently Use A Dongle

Important information about transitioning from dongle-based access to using Seequent ID.

Transitioning From A Dongle

I Currently Have Another Identity

Here’s what you need to know if you already have another identity.

Transitioning From Another Identity

If you need to combine multiple Seequent ID‘s, then get in touch with our support team, who will be able to help.

Using Your Seequent ID

You use your Seequent ID to access Seequent solutions including Central, Leapfrog, Geosoft, GeoStudio and MySeequent.

Sign in to MySeequent

Use your Seequent ID to sign  in to MySeequent, for the latest product updates, releases and training.

Visit MySeequent

Help and Support

Access online support and learning resources, and get links to the latest versions of Seequent products & tools.

Help & Support

For IT Administrators

Information for IT professionals relating to Seequent Applications & Services, including any whitelisting you may need to do.

Admin Information

What is Seequent connector?

Seequent Connector is a tray application that handles the authentication and authorization to run Seequent applications. Watch this quick video below to find out more:

How Do I Sign In To Run My Geosoft Application?

If you have an old version of Geosoft Connect that requests your Geosoft ID (Oasis montaj, Target, Target for ArcGIS and Geosoft Viewer), you will need to update it and sign with your Seequent ID.  Download the latest Seequent Connector here, unzip and double-click to run it. This is required to install 9.0 or any earlier version of Geosoft desktop applications.

Need help?

If you couldn’t find what you need above contact our team, we are happy to help.

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