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Design complex 3D geometry with BUILD3D

Rapidly create analysis-ready 3D geometry for geotechnical analysis

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The fastest way to generate 3D analysis-ready geometry for complex geotechnical projects.

Save time with feature-based design

Take advantage of the many time-saving geometry creation tools. Access powerful Boolean operations, generate meshes in one click, and easily integrate analyses from other applications.

Make modifications in any point of a model’s design history and watch the changes cascade through the entire model.

No project too big or complex

Import a broad range of data and files (such as CAD) to design and plan dams, levees, roads, bridges, embankments, open-pit mines, underground tunnelling excavations, and more.

Seamlessly construct a 3D geotechnical geometry with complex topography or geology, such sweeping tunnels or winding rivers.

Enrich with GeoStudio data

Create a full design picture showing risk, complexity, and opportunities for engineering safely and effectively. Integrate with any 3D GeoStudio analysis product or generate 2D cross-sections for use in 2D GeoStudio analyses.

BUILD3D is part of GeoStudio integrated geo-engineering software

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Integrate, communicate, and interpret geotechnical data

with industry-leading geo-engineering numerical modelling

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Key features

Fast and flexible model creation

Save time with feature-based geometry, then get greater flexibility and precision with NURBS-based geometry.

Import data to enhance your model

Import 2D GeoStudio analyses with previously defined materials and boundary conditions. Import bodies, profiles, and background mesh, including formats SETP/STP, IGES, STL, DWG/DXF.

Analyse pit excavation scenarios

Import pit shell surfaces and geological formations from CAD files, then use the cut features to remove material in the excavation and set up multiple analyses to simulate the impact of pit excavation.

Powerful tools for sweeping bends

Employ the plane and sketch features to generate road and embankment cross-section geometries and then sweep the cross-section along a defined path.

Rapid, easy mesh generation

Generate the finite element mesh throughout a 3D domain with the click of a button to produce a clean mesh, removing the need to spend hours on manual adjustments.

Useful Information

System Requirements

We recommend you use Windows 10, with a reasonably fast processor, mid range graphics and 32GB of system memory.

System Requirements

Supported Data/Formats

Supported kinds of data and formats that you can use with GeoStudio.

Data Types/Formats

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