Multidisciplinary Geoscience

Oasis montaj

Oasis montaj provides a powerful way to visualize your data, for an integrated and interactive geoscience analysis and interpretation.

For today’s collaborative and multidisciplinary earth exploration and investigation, Oasis montaj provides a powerful suite of modelling and analysis tools for advanced understanding of the Earth’s subsurface and subsea environments.

Oasis montaj

Exploration Geoscience


Target provides a complete solution for geological modelling and interpretation that can help you increase understanding of subsurface geology through rigorous analysis of integrated geoscience data.

Target is powerful, intuitive and provides for building geological insight through multi-disciplinary geoscience data analysis.


VOXI Earth Modelling

Cloud-powered speed and responsiveness make VOXI a powerful tool for visualizing the deep subsurface.

VOXI provides a solution for large, multi-parameter geophysical inversion modelling that can aid all stages of exploration and is suited for any size of project.

VOXI Earth Modelling


GM-SYS is the industry-leading solution for gravity and magnetic modelling, supporting the work of international government surveys and the exploration programs of the world’s most successful energy companies.

GM-SYS Profile Modelling is an intuitive and feature rich workflow for gravity and magnetic modelling which provides many opportunities to constrain modelling variables.

GM-SYS 3D Modelling is gravity and magnetic modelling software for layered-earth models which provides the ability to model a complicated 3D subsurface structures of any size or scale.

GM-SYS Profile & 3D

UXO Detection and Analysis

UXO Land & UX-Analyze

UXO Land provides a full suite of tools to locate and analyze UXO targets based on magnetic (total field and gradiometer) and electromagnetic (EM61) data.

UX-Analyze provides geophysicists with a comprehensive UXO classification tool for advanced electromagnetic sensor data.

A single workflow takes you from survey planning to target identification.

UXO Land & UX-Analyze

UXO Marine

UXO Marine provides specialized tools to process and visualize geophysical survey data for effective detection and analysis of targets in marine site investigation surveys.

It is designed for marine surveyors working with individual sensors and multi-sensor arrays, as well as multiple gradient and horizontal gradient gradiometers.

UXO Marine

Geoscience and GIS

Target for ArcGIS Pro

Target for ArcGIS Pro is a geological software extension for Esri ArcGIS Pro that simplifies the modelling and analysis of drill hole and borehole geology data.

Visualize your geology data in 2D and 3D, and conduct integrated analysis to enhance subsurface insight.

Target ArcGIS Pro

Target for ArcMap

Target for ArcMap is a geological software extension for Esri ArcMap so you can Interpret your drillhole and subsurface data.

Analyse, process, and model your geology and drillhole data – in 2D and 3D – within Esri ArcMap.

Target for ArcMap

Data Management & Collaboration


Central is a data management solution that helps you visualise, track and manage your geological data from a centralised, auditable environment.

Central brings project teams together, helps you stay connected and enables your team to make confident decisions, when it matters most.

Seequent Central

DAP Server

Geosoft DAP is server technology for publishing, distributing and discovering exploration data.

Online geoscience portals provide a powerful and user-friendly interface for delivering multi-disciplinary data and documents stored within multiple systems.

DAP Server


With the click of a button, upload views of your model to instantly and effectively communicate with your team or stakeholders.

Access and interact with shared views in a web browser, from anywhere in the world using most devices.

Seequent View

Geosoft Viewer

Share visual insights with Geosoft Viewer. Easily view and share your geoscience data visualisations, for free.

The Geosoft Viewer desktop app is free to download by anyone, even if they don’t have an Oasis montaj or Target license.

Geosoft Viewer

Innovative Geoscience Solutions


3D subsurface modelling, resource estimation, model auditability & tracking, and collaborative technologies.


3D earth modelling, subsurface and subsea unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection, integrated GIS mapping, and geoscience data management.


Solve diverse geotechnical engineering problems with integration of pore water pressure modelling with slope stability, stress and deformation models.