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Share visual insights with Geosoft Viewer

Easily view and share your geoscience data visualisations, for free.


Share your geoscience models with anyone

Visualisations give meaning to your data, making insights accessible. Share data with other teams and with non-technical stakeholders to help them make informed decisions. Import a variety of geoscience and geospatial file formats and integrate your data in 3D and maps – then share them with others.

The Geosoft Viewer desktop app is free to download by anyone, even if they don’t have an Oasis montaj or Target license.

Easily view geoscience data

Open common geoscience data formats and visualise the data as custom profiles, maps, and 3D views. Geosoft Viewer supports many industry-standard file formats, including: Geosoft Maps (.map), Grids (.grd), Databases (.gdb), Voxels (.voxel), and 3D View files (.3dv).

Visualise, integrate, and overlay

View your data in profiles, maps, and in 3D models to gain a deeper understanding of the data and your project area.

Apply raster colours and shading to customise appearance and emphasise details. Compare multiple datasets side-by-side or adjust the transparency of your data layers and overlay them to identify the subtle relationships between the different datasets.

Convert, export, and share

Create shareable products to communicate your results with your colleagues and clients. Email or print your maps and 3D views. Quickly export them as images or PDF files to include in reports and presentations.

Share the Geosoft Viewer with colleagues and stakeholders to connect your whole team, allowing anyone to view your geoscience data as maps, databases, or interactive 3D models.

Find public data

Use the built-in Seeker search engine to access Geosoft’s Geoscience Data Service. Quickly find and download public geoscience and topographic data for your project area. 

Download data from multiple datasets and choose your preferred file formats including: SRTM topography, regional gravity and magnetic survey grids, coastline, and political and cultural boundaries in WMS format. 

What you can do with Geosoft Viewer

Create grids and images

Create grids and images

  • View a number of grid formats including: Geosoft, ER Mapper, and USGS grid files 
  • Modify the colour, stretch, and shading 
  • Convert grids and images to a variety of supported formats 

Look at 3D views

Open and create Oasis montaj 3D views

  • Display relief surfaces, grids and images, symbols from databases, Geosoft and Vector Voxels, Geosoft strings and surfaces
  • Import AutoCAD 3D, DXF, MapInfo TAB, ArcGIS Shape and Layer files, Microstation DGN, Maxwell Plate, and Leapfrog model files
  • Adjust colours, clipping, and transparency of layers
  • Create snapshots and share packed 3D Views
  • Export to 3D PDFs
Icon representing the interactive GIS in AGS Workbench

View Geosoft Maps

  • Display grids and images, modify the colour stretch and shading
  • Import a variety of image formats including: Bitmap, Jpeg, TIFF, and GeoTIFF

Adjust layer transparency

  • Import AutoCAD DXF, MapInfo TAB, ArcGIS Shape, and Layer files
  • Export maps to PDF and various image formats for reports
  • Print maps to Windows compatible printers and plotters
  • Create snapshots and share packed Oasis montaj maps
Visualise databases and XYZ files

Visualise databases and XYZ files

  • Open Geosoft Database (.gdb) files
  • Import Geosoft XYZ files (.xyz), Geosoft Binary Files, and ASEG files (ESF and GDF)
  • View channel statistics, display database profiles
  • Create profile maps to export or print
  • Export data from a Geosoft database (.gdb) to XYZ, CSV, GBN, and ASEG-GDF
Find public data

Find public data

Use Seeker to access the Geosoft Geoscience Data Service (powered by DAP). Quickly find and download public geoscience and topographic data for your project area.

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