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Spend time on interpretation, not setup with AGS Workbench extensions

Custom-built for industry-standard electromagnetic and resistivity data acquisition systems

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Optimise your EM and ERT/IP workflows

With purpose-built extensions for any EM, ERT/IP survey method, configuration, or data format you spend more time on interpretation and less on setup. Compare inversion results to boreholes, geophysical logs, and other EM and ERT/IP data with unparalleled control and visualisation.

Hydro-Structural Modelling (HSM)

Traditional groundwater models insufficiently reflect structural uncertainty and potential impact on transport models. The Hydro-Structural Modelling (HSM) extension combines resistivity models from geophysical inversion and lithology logs from boreholes semi-automatically to create a clay fraction model and, subsequently, a cluster model – representing a hydrostratigraphic model.

This data-driven approach reduces uncertainty without requiring manual interpretation of resistivity models to lithologies.

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Airborne time-domain electromagnetic

The Airborne TDEM extension provides a single workflow from processing raw data to the final visualisation and interpretation of inversion models. Advanced processing setup allows users to inspect the data visually and manually or automatically process it to remove noise before running one of the many inversion options available in the Workbench. AGS Workbench EM extensions are integrated with the GIS interface and designed to handle big datasets.

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Ground-based TDEM

The ground-based TDEM extension is for towed or moving systems and offers laterally and spatially constrained inversions of processed data. The Workbench ground-based TDEM extension is also integrated with the GIS interface and is capable of handling big datasets.

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Additional Workbench extensions

Resistivity and Induced Polarization (ERT/IP)

The electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) and induced polarisation (IP) extension uniquely inverts the integral IP and full decay of the IP signal. The extensions’ extensive processing tools include pseudosections showing ERT or IP data, electrode positions with elevation, full decay IP signals, and automatic filters that improve data quality and speed up processing.

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Streamed ERT

Designed for processing and inversion of continuous towed DC data, the Streamed ERT extension includes optionally importing water resistivity and water depth as a priori information for the first layer in the model. The Streamed ERT extension’s manual processing is fully integrated with the GIS interface, with mean filter processing options.

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The Ground Conductivity Meter (GCM) extension supports the import, processing, and inversion of GCM data. Any coil configuration can be imported and inverted, and system information is easily added during data import. Modelling and presentation are supported by the well-known functions of Workbench, making borehole integration and reporting simple and effective.

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Aarhus Cloud Inversion (ACI)

Aarhus Cloud Inversion (ACI) is a pay-per-use feature in Workbench designed for users requiring high computational power for demanding inversion tasks. ACI uses Microsoft Azure virtual machines (VM), equipped with the latest processors and SSD hard drives to deliver fast inversions and efficient performance.

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Airborne Frequency-domain Electromagnetic (FEM)

The Airborne FEM extension is a comprehensive solution for importing, processing, and inverting data from airborne systems like Resolve. It supports various coil configurations, integrates with the GIS interface, and offers advanced processing tools. It also features noise suppression algorithms, automated LCI/SCI data inversion, and visualisation of data and inverted models. The extension enables seamless data integration for improved comparison, visualization, and interpretation.

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Expand the power of AGS Workbench with extensions

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