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Aarhus Cloud Inversion

Aarhus Cloud Inversion (ACI) is a pay-per-use feature in Workbench designed for users requiring high computational power for demanding inversion tasks. ACI uses Microsoft Azure virtual machines (VM), equipped with the latest processors and SSD hard drives to deliver fast inversions and efficient performance.

Key features

  • Customized CPU selection for tailored inversion processing power
  • Quick data upload and model download from inversion results
  • Transparent cost tracking and monthly usage data
  • Continue running inversions or access results even if disconnected to the internet, or if Workbench is closed.
  • User-friendly interface with no discernible difference between cloud and local inversions
  • Adherence to Microsoft Azure’s best practices for data security, including Azure Storage encryption and Secure Transfer for data uploads. All data is securely deleted post-download


  • Choose between 32, 48, or 64 CPUs according to your inversion requirements
  • Support for up to 200 CPUs running concurrently
  • Dedicated virtual machines
  • Optionally select low-priority servers at a reduced cost. These VMs use surplus capacity and they can be closed without warning if they are needed elsewhere, resulting in a lost inversion. This is rarely experienced and if it happens a new inversion will automatically start when a server is available.

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