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Remote work is hardly new for industries like exploration and energy. But over the last five years, the number of people working away from the office has grown by 44 percent (B2B Community), and since COVID-19 we’ve entered the “world’s largest work-from-home experiment” (Time). The home-office (or kitchen table) has become a long-term reality for many.

In industries where field work is involved, COVID-19 travel restrictions have minimised staff on sites. Yet, this doesn’t mean field work has stopped, because there’s always data to be interrogated and visualised.

With Seequent Central, a remote team can still collaborate on models, interrogate data, share insights, and communicate in a shared cloud-hosted environment. When changes are made or the model is updated, new Seequent Notifications instantly notify everyone with a stake. It may not be as personal as tapping a workmate on the shoulder, but it is just as easy.

We can now get all cross-discipline experts together to review projects in one place, and I am notified when those reviews have happened. This enables better access and collaboration for everyone.

David Rowe, Resource Geologist, First Majestic

In our Geoscience Data Management Report, 83% of respondents said data management is a critical issue for their organisation. People need to know that the data they use is reliable and current.

With Central, everyone on the project team – whether it be geologists, engineers, geophysicists managers, or investors – can be certain they’re seeing the most current version of models and interpretations. Remote tools like Central ensure everyone is working on the same reality.

There’s no more waiting for new versions to be circulated, forgetting to include people on the update email, or digging through emails to find the latest files.
Commenting and peer review processes allow teams to communicate directly within their models.

Seequent Central can make sure your team remain productive, collaborative, and working with the latest information.

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