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Leapfrog Works EnterpriseE365 User Administration and Onboarding Guide

This guide is for license administrators managing access and usage for Leapfrog Works Enterprise on Bentley’s E365 program.

Leapfrog Works Enterprise requires additional user management in MySeequent to administer access and have usage reported accurately as part of their E365 product portfolio.

User Administration set up

Simply follow the steps below to ensure reporting and license access is set up correctly for your organisation.

1. Bentley user administration set up

  • Go to Bentley User Management
  • Select Add Users or Bulk Operation
  • If your organisation uses active directory federation with Bentley user management, your users will automatically be added, and you can skip this step.
  • Complete the details for any new users or upload a file with multiple users for bulk changes 

2. Seequent user administration set up 

  • Go to MySeequent Subscription Administration
  • Select your E365 subscription group
  • Enter the email address of the new user and hit enter. They will shortly receive an email from Seequent with information to help them get started.

3. Seequent user administration set up for Central

Add users to Central by following the workflow detailed on this page: Inviting Users to Central

  • Users will receive an automatic email letting them know they have been added to the Central Server.

Instructions for Users

Instructions for Users – Signing In

  1. New users will be emailed when the administrator adds them to their organisational account from both Bentley and Seequent systems, prompting them to complete their Bentley Account set up and to create a Seequent ID.
  2. Install the software following your organisation’s policy. If you need access to the installer, it is available from the Seequent product page.
    • Please note that Leapfrog is NOT available for download in  the Bentley Connection Center.
  3. Sign into Leapfrog Works using your Bentley User Account.
    • If you don’t have a Bentley User Account, create one here.
    • Make sure the Admin then adds user to E365 Organisation on Bentley User Management, as per the above instructions.
  • New users will also be sent introductory emails from Seequent with helpful information and resources to get them up and running with the Leapfrog Works software.
  • Regardless of whether you sign in with a Bentley account or Seequent ID, the Seequent Connector app will be installed and utilised to manage your connection, independent of the Bentley connection client which may also be installed.
  • Your browser may require you to explicitly open or allow Seequent Connector to run. We recommend selecting the check box to “always allow to open links of this type in the associated app”.
    • Next time you sign in, you won’t need to sign in using your Bentley account . It will remember you, and Seequent Connector will sign you in.

Instructions for Users – License Selection

Once signed in, you should see the Permissions page shown below:

Number of days at checkout: Users can select a number of days during which they can work offline, by selecting from the drop down. By default, one day is selected.

  • When you hit “Get started” Leapfrog will take a local license enabling you to seamlessly work online or offline for 24 hours x the number of days that you select – e.g. if you select 3 days this enables you to work offline at any point during the next 72 hours. This gives you confident access to Leapfrog over this period for site visits or client meetings in locations where internet access may not be reliable.
  • While offline Leapfrog logs when the software is running and then syncs with the license server when you come back online. We process the logs and only invoice for the number of unique days in which the Leapfrog Works software has been running, regardless of how long you originally selected from the dropdown.

Extensions: Turn on Extensions you need to use (Contaminants, Hydrogeology, Geophysics). There is an extra cost associated with each Extension, refer to your organisation’s E365 pricelist for extension pricing.

  • Contaminants Extension: Geostatistical tools used in advanced contaminant or geotechnical modelling. Contaminants Extension Info Page.
  • Hydrogeology Extension: Used when converting Geological Model into MODFLOW/FEFLOW/GWV grids
  • Geophysics Extension: Used when importing 2D and 3D SEGY (Seismic) data, importing Magnetotelluic grids, or using IDW Isosurfacer on imported UBC or Voxel files. Geophysics Extension Info Page

Running Leapfrog in Viewer mode

  • To view Leapfrog Scene files you can run Leapfrog Works in a free Viewer only mode. To do so, select your own name from the organisation drop down and the Viewer product will automatically be selected for you.

Usage reporting

  • Filter by “Leapfrog Works” to see the usage and spend on Leapfrog Works and its extensions

More information

For more information on Bentley accounts refer to our help and support page:

If you are experiencing any issues with your licensing and entitlements, contact your account manager or our support team at [email protected]