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Leverage the power of your Geophysical data in Leapfrog

Integrate, visualise and analyse geophysical data into your geological modelling workflow.

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Integrate and examine your data in one environment

Guide interpretation and visualise data in the context of your 3D geological model.

Bring data together

Geophysics is a crucial component of subsurface science. Import your Seismic, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Magnetotelluric (MT) data directly into Leapfrog with interactive tools such as the 2D and 3D SEG-Y Reader, MT Grid import and Crooked 2D Grid import. Utilise our powerful IDW iso surfacing to create surfaces directly from geophysical grids (MT, UBC, GoCAD) for a faster and more complete integration.

See data differently

Visualise and interact with your data throughout your geological modelling process. Iterate rapidly and see the results in 3D to gain new insights and create a complete subsurface model.

Accelerate Geoscience Interpretations

Examine and interpret multidisciplinary data faster in an uncluttered and intuitive workspace –your single environment. With more streamlined and flexible workflows, free up your time to make better decisions.

Unlock these capabilities in Leapfrog

Enable these features by adding the Geophysics extension to Leapfrog Geo and Leapfrog Works.

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Start working with your geophysical data directly in Leapfrog Energy.

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See how it looks in Leapfrog

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Useful Information

System Requirements

We recommend you use Windows 10, with a reasonably fast processor, mid range graphics and 32GB of system memory.

System Requirements

Working with gravity, magnetic or resistivity data?

Oasis montaj integrates with Leapfrog for these geophysical methods.

Oasis montaj

Unlock Geophysics capabilities in Leapfrog

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