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About Bentley AccountsYour Bentley account provides access to all your Bentley products and online services

Seequent products and services can now be accessed directly with your Bentley account

Signing in using your Bentley account details makes it easy to access selected Seequent products and services if you don’t have a Seequent ID.

Creating and Managing your Bentley Accounts

Anyone can create a personal Bentley account – simply visit to access your existing account profile or if you need to create an account simply select Register Now during the sign in process.

Once you are set up you may be invited to join your organisations Bentley Account. For more information about getting your personal account connected to your work’s account contact your organisations Bentley account administrator.

Using your Bentley account to access Seequent products and services

For all Seequent products and services that use Seequent ID you now have the option to sign in using your Bentley account as an alternative method of authentication.

Simply take this path and use your email and password from your Bentley account to sign in.  If you have a Seequent ID then it is equally valid to follow the Seequent ID sign in path.  Either way you will have access to the product entitlements associated with the email address you use to sign in.

PLAXIS and OpenGround

PLAXIS and OpenGround fully support Bentley account sign in for all entitlements.

Troubleshooting Unexpected behaviour

Restricted mode of operation

Product functionality may be restricted (for example your modelling software may be running in a viewer only mode) if your product entitlements are not matched to you during the sign in process.

This can occur if you are using a different email than the one your administrator has assigned your entitlements to.. Contact your organisations license administrator in the first instance to confirm which email your entitlements are assoicated with, or contact [email protected].

Seequent Connector

Regardless of whether you sign in with a Bentley account or Seequent ID, the Seequent Connector app will be installed and utilised to manage your connection independent of the Bentley connection client which may also be installed.

Your browser may require you to explicitly open or allow Seequent Connector to run. We recommend selecting the check box to “always allow to open links of this type in the associated app”

Single sign on

Use of Bentley account does not ensure single sign on across the eco system. For example when connecting to OpenGround from Leapfrog, or Central from GeoStudio you will need to log into your cloud instance separately.

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