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New insight paper looks at how the next generation of mining talent expects digital ways of working and transparency around ESG performance

Thursday, 9th December 2021: Seequent, a world leader in the development of geoscience analysis, modelling, and collaborative technologies, launched its insight paper titled Industrial Minerals: Moving the ESG needle in mining – from threat to opportunity, which uncovers the impact of ESG on attracting the next generation of talent.

The paper highlights how future generations of innovators, thinkers and engineers are placing an ever-increasing emphasis on the sector’s environmental impact and are keen to know about ESG initiatives before they’ll consider joining the industry. Now, not only do mining companies need to be able to demonstrate responsibility and transparency in their ESG performance, they also need to weave it into their culture and recruitment efforts to attract the skills the industry needs.

Seequent recently held a roundtable event with leading industry thinkers from Accenture, The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, and Lhoist. The thought leadership discussion examined some of the key trends and initiatives that are pulling industrial minerals mining towards a more sustainable future, the drivers behind them, and how potential recruits are leading the drive for more sustainable operations. Following the roundtable, the company launched a new insight paper which examines the influence of ESG performance on culture and recruitment.

Pieter Neethling, Segment Director, Mining Operations, Seequent, commented:

“Attracting the next generation of talent to the mining industry is critical to delivering the industry’s sustainable future. ESG has been on the agenda for some time, but now more than ever it has become central to organisational culture and is one of the main drivers in attracting the skills the industry needs going forward.

“This generation of digital natives has the potential to unlock hugely impactful innovations such as AI and ML. These are the next data scientists, AI specialists and climate change experts, and they are asking companies all the right questions about ESG performance and initiatives before they’ll consider pursuing a career in this industry.”

The insight paper highlights how shifting the focus to ESG standards can deliver real, tangible benefits to your business, and those organisations that demonstrate their commitment will stand out in the market to up and coming talent.

Leah Wilson, VP Corporate Social Responsibility, Imerys, and a participant at the roundtable event, said: “Without a doubt, there are reputational benefits associated with being able to demonstrate that you have strong ethics and are driving a genuine commitment to ESG, and this will enable your organisation to demonstrate leadership and to differentiate itself in the market.”


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