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Make faster, safer decisions with SLOPE3D

Perform sophisticated 3D limit equilibrium stability analysis of soil and rock slopes

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SLOPE3D empowers geotechnical engineers with enhanced limit equilibrium analysis for 3D slope stability problems

Expand on SLOPE/W’s practical approach to capturing slope failure mechanisms with the most up-to-date research on 3D stability analysis techniques. Import your Leapfrog geological models to quickly establish the 3D geometry and align your understanding of the subsurface with reality. Assess and compare both 2D and 3D stability to limit your risk during design and operation.

Increase confidence in slope stability

In some cases, 2D slope stability analysis is sufficient for geotechnical projects. But limiting yourself to cross sections that simplify complex subsurface structures and topography comes with some significant risks.

Oversimplification leads to uncertainty, conservative results, and more expensive designs. With SLOPE3D, analyse 3D stability to improve your understanding, design efficiency, and confidence.

A screenshot of a 3D model with a graph showing factor of safety vs Slip direction visible in Seequent's GeoStudio SLOPE3D
A screenshot of a 3D model in Seequent's GeoStudio SLOPE3D

Save time with ease

With multiple geometries and analyses in a single project file, you can quickly compare scenarios, solve multiple analyses in parallel, and represent complex chronological sequences. All in one friendly interface that brings 2D and 3D stability together.

Find key areas of concern

Use the Cuckoo search method to quickly obtain slip surfaces and identify areas of concern in large, complex systems.

A screenshot of data and a 3D model from Seequent's SLOPE3D

SLOPE3D is part of GeoStudio integrated geo-engineering software

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Integrate, communicate, and interpret geotechnical data

with industry-leading geo-engineering numerical modelling

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Key features

Evaluate complex 3D geological models

Create your 3D geotechnical model with different modelling strategies: direct interoperability with Leapfrog, imported background meshes, or building 3D geometry using the tools in GeoStudio.

Save time across multiple analyses

With multi-physics and multi-geometry capabilities, you can create staged construction scenarios and run several analyses in the same project file.

Choose from diverse constitutive models

Capture the behaviour of rock and soil using an extensive list of constitutive models, from anisotropic to undrained and unsaturated conditions.

Integrate pore-water pressure data

Define pore-water pressures using piezometric surfaces or pressure head spatial functions, or couple with SEEP3D. Then display values as contours on the geometry for complete clarity and easier analysis.

Compute the influence of weak surfaces

Investigate the influence of weak surfaces and anisotropic material properties on the 3D factor of safety and sliding mass volume.

Visualise and understand your results

Turn your 3D stability results into insights with a variety of options for graphing, column information, reports, and contour visualisation.

Useful Information

System Requirements

We recommend you use Windows 10, with a reasonably fast processor, mid range graphics and 32GB of system memory.

System Requirements

Supported Data/Formats

Supported kinds of data and formats that you can use with GeoStudio

Data Types/Formats

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