Can I invite my colleagues to join me in using Target for ArcGIS Pro?
Yes! If you want to add more users, please reach out to your local Seequent office and we can arrange this.

What happens at the end of the 60 days?
Our team will contact you during the 60-day period to discuss your options. If you choose to continue using Target for ArcGIS Pro, we will convert your free trial to a paid licence on our standard terms. If you choose not to continue using Target for ArcGIS Pro, you will no longer have access to the paid features of the application.

Who can I reach out to for licensing and pricing information?
Contact your local Seequent office for information on licensing and pricing.

Is technical support or training available during the trial?
For online learning, please visit the Target for ArcGIS Pro learning path.
If you require technical support during the trial period, please email our Global Support Team.
Various training options are also available. For additional information regarding training rates, availability and options, contact your local Seequent office.

What are the requirements to use Target for ArcGIS Pro?
Target for ArcGIS Pro has the same system requirements as ArcGIS Pro. The minimum required version of ArcGIS Pro is 2.4.0. A Seequent ID is required to install and use Target for ArcGIS Pro. See System Requirements for Target for ArcGIS Pro for more information.

Is ArcGIS Pro provided as part of this trial?
No. Customers will need to procure their own licensed version of ArcGIS Pro. To obtain a licensed version of ArcGIS Pro, please contact Esri.