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Visible Geology help & resources

New to Visible Geology or need a refresher on the tools?

We recommend you start with the how-to video series below, where our Visible Geology experts take you through the basics. You can also join the conversation online with thousands of Visible Geology users sharing knowledge and inspiration in the Seequent Community.

If you’ve been using the original version of Visible Geology you can access it here for now and read our FAQs for current users. This will be retired soon, but trust us, the new Visible Geology makes teaching and exploring geological concepts even more engaging, intuitive and fun! 

How to build a 3D geological model in the Geology Explorer

In this video, learn how to:

  • Add and edit geologic layers (00:41)
  • Add intrusions and deformation events (01:45)
  • Apply topographies (03:28)
  • Explore the chronological relationship between events (06:24)
  • Create a custom topography (07:05)
  • Create a cross-section (08:15)
  • Create a core sample (09:07)
  • Create a strike and dip reading with the decal tool (09:42)

How to create and visualise stereonets in the Stereonet tool

In this video, learn how to:

  • Plot lineations (00:18)
  • Plot planes (01:15)
  • Plot rake (02:13)
  • Plot a small circle (03:00)
  • Import a model from the Geology Explorer (03:23)

How to investigate the principles of apparent dip

In this video, learn how to:

  • Change the strike and dip of a sloped unit (01:30)
  • Change the compass bearing representing the cut face (01:30)
  • Show the difference between the true and apparent dip (02:30)

How to save, share and embed your models

In this video, learn how to:

  • Save your models (01:00)
  • Publish your models (02:15)
  • Share your models using a code (03:00)
  • Share your models using a link (03:38)
  • Share your models using an embedded iframe (04:05)

How to collaborate in groups and create assignments

In this video, learn how to:

  • Create a new group (00:49)
  • Create a new assignment (01:25)
  • Invite members to join your group (03:45)
  • View submitted assignments (04:25)
  • Join a group(05:00)
  • Submit an assignment (05:30)
  • Assign administrators to your group (06:00)

Access pre-built models

Import ready-made fold, fault, unconformity and real-world proxy models to support your lessons in Visible Geology.

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Still have questions?

Join hundreds of Visible Geology users sharing knowledge and inspiration on the Seequent Community.

Join the conversation online

Mastered the basics?

Once you’re ready to explore further in Visible Geology, check out our playlist on YouTube for more ways to elevate your teaching and learning.

Visible Geology on YouTube

Ready to go deeper with real data?

Seequent offers academic licenses of our professional software at little to know cost. Whether you’re teaching or studying geology, geophysics, geotechnical, or geostatistics, discover the software that’s right for you.

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Supporting future geoscientists

Seequent knows how important the study of earth sciences are to shaping a better future for our planet. That’s why we are committed to investing in Visible Geology, and ensuring it remains free and accessible for all.

The world need geoscientists more than ever, but enrollments in earth sciences are falling. Help us get Visible Geology into the hands of the next generation!

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