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Explore the geology of the Grand Canyon, without leaving the classroom!

Below is a conceptual 3D geological model of the Grand Canyon, created in Visible Geology, our free web application for teaching and exploring geological concepts.  To explore this model, you can:

  • View the model on this webpage. Using your mouse you can view different orientations, zoom in and out, and view the cross-section and core-sample.
  • Or you can view, edit, and interrogate the model by importing it into Visible Geology using this share code: Project-czePNJ8H76kPYJhiwCqzBZ

In the newly released Visible Geology, you can now save and share your geological models and stereonets for others to view, edit, and explore. This, along with the ability to create groups and assignments, will be particularly useful for earth science educators creating lessons for their students. 

To get you started, we’ve created a range of pre-built models. To import a model, simply click ‘Input via code’ on the main screen of Visible Geology, and copy and paste the applicable code from the tables below. You can also join our shared group in Visible Geology to view read-only versions of this model using the group code: Group-Hs3itmSfvNNr5ARG7baBWV.

Please note: To access these models and join groups, you need to be logged in. Logging in is simple and free, simply click ‘Create Seequent ID’ in the top right corner. For step-by-step instructions on how to import shared models, and how to create and join groups, check out the how-to videos on our Visible Geology Help and Resources page.  


Fold Models

West-East plunging anticline fold Project-9vXer78wEe3cGEC3Hq9S3z Accompanying stereonet to show fold hinge: Project-3qtWBMGLr8iBodwSzqSpSh
West-East plunging syncline fold Project-DvTcaszLSR6LDQg4VpPjWn Accompanying stereonet to show fold hinge: Project-8cfBeqQLsHAD8pnu9kiJmW
Asymmetric fold Project-AXZULgm34z4KhCgX8DHEwe Where one limb is longer than the other



Fault Models

Normal (dip-slip) Fault Project-apNocvrr7PwthFXQFx9xBX  
Thrust Fault Project-XKX6f7oa3eiqjMepHhNW4L  
Sinistral Strike-Slip Fault Project-k6rcAJNLGDDaGQ6B3dvvDy Standing on the fault block to the west, movement along the strike is to the left forming a sinistral strike slip fault.
Dextral Strike-Slip Fault Project-9ihnkrCRogE4qfh7c36Z6b Standing on the fault block to the west, movement along the strike is to the right forming a dextral strike slip fault.



Unconformity Models

Angular Unconformity Project-AxbCUxP7bvaRhbdMs7zKDx  
Nonconformity Project-ahmymSD5DPYdAktkwzLCo9 Basement of gneiss, pegmatite, migmatite and schist. Younger layers of diatomite, mudstone, siltstone, sandstone, conglomerate. Could also be used to demonstrate sea level rise/incursion.



Lesson Models

Rule of the V’s 1 Project-5R28srXpUkudnHLD299aRQ Dipping beds in valley. Simple principle
Rule of the V’s 2 Project-TfzBFpyNZMhziwWLtFuovY Contours of a sloping valley will point in the opposite to the down dip direction of the beds. The V patterns are opposing.
Rule of the V’s 3 Project-VsQfoaG2JL47iQnZg4KgAX Contours of the sloping valley will point in the same direction of the bedding dip when the beds dip “into” the valley.
Rule of the V’s 4 Project-639Zeee69ayb2M5FB2owyK Horizontal beds with a cross cutting dipping vein shows the behaviour as dipping beds, i.e. the pointy end of the vein points in the down dip direction.
Magma Chamber & Feeders Project-3piCNsV84YtxEEmpfakJTG Using tilt and plutons, build a model to show magma chamber, feeder dykes, and extrusive lava flows.



Real-world Proxy Models

Telheiro Angular Unconformity (Portugal) Project-LxNGBDR2ZBZgYttPuPjhv8 Using the flexibility of Visible Geology’s features to build a proxy of this field site in Portugal. See this link for more details.
Whakaraupo Harbour (Lyttelton, New Zealand) Project-AJ9at3SKEpVMKfnmwC4UbT  
Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA) Project-czePNJ8H76kPYJhiwCqzBZ  

Do you have a model to share with other Visible Geology users? Post it in the Seequent Community, where thousands of earth science educators, students and enthusiasts are sharing knowledge and inspiration.

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