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Our Advanced Geophysical Classification (AGC) workflow for unexploded ordnance (UXO) and explosive remnants of war (ERW), known as UX-Analyze, has been used by industry professional responsible for munitions clean-ups around the world, allowing not only the detection of buried metallic items but also the ability to classify the target as a UXO or not.

This workflow is designed for both mapping (Dynamic) and cued (Static) surveys. In Oasis montaj version 9.10 we have redesigned the menus for UX-Analyze to make your AGC workflow simpler and more intuitive while retaining all the functionality that the previous UX-Analyze menus offered. The four new menus; AGC prep, AGC Dynamic Data, AGC Static Data and AGC Expert User, are now available under Manage Menus – Extensions, and replace the previous three menus, Dynamic Data, Static Data and Expert User.

Easier to follow Workflow

One of the major differences with the new AGC menus is that a number of the tools are grouped together, making menus shorter and easier to follow. With the tools essential to a workflow located on the main menu, where possible. Other tools are grouped in a logical fashion in the sub-menus. Below is an example of the old and new menu for the cued or static data, where the three key tools are: Import Static Sensor Data (HDF), Levelling and Classify and Rank.

There are some exceptions to placing the essential tools in the main menu. One of note is the drift or background in the mapping or dynamic workflow (AGC Dynamic Data), where you have a choice between two methods, either a Demedian filter or levelling using selected background locations.

New Survey Prep Menu

The AGC Survey Prep is a menu designed to include the tools that are most often used at the start of a survey.

The Expert User menu, AGC Expert User, as before, includes all the individual tools that are built into our processing bundles in the main workflows, such as in the AGC Static Data menu the Classify and Rank tool, which runs a standardize combination of tools and often referred to as a processing bundle.

Import option for both Dynamic and Static Data HDF only in the Dynamic and Static Workflow

The Import Dynamic Sensor Data and Import Static Sensor Data, in the AGC Dynamic Data and AGC Static Data, are now focused on the HDF file format, since this is the format that current generation AGC sensors create. If you have historic data in the CSV format, it can still be imported from the AGC Expert sensors create. If you have historic data in the CSV format, it can still be imported from the AGC Expert User menu.

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