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In April's GeoStudio TechTalk we demonstrated how to simulate a construction sequence of a large vertical shaft and tunnel. A dewatering system was analysed using the powerful functionality in SEEP3D to consider the influence of the construction sequence on the surrounding groundwater regime.

Shafts and tunnels are critical for the construction and operation of mining, transportation, and sanitation facilities. The design of these shafts and tunnels hinges on the assessment and control of the affected three-dimensional groundwater flow system.

In this video, Seequent’s Marc Lebeau:

  • demonstrates how SEEP3D can be used to analyse groundwater flow in shaft and tunnel design;
  • introduces the best practice workflow for modelling a stage-constructed tunnel; and
  • introduces the best practice for mesh refinement in three-dimensional groundwater flow problems.



Marc Lebeau
Research Engineer, GeoStudio – Seequent


42 min

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Video Transcript

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