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Learn the concepts of environmental modelling with Leapfrog Works and the Contaminants extension.

This is the first video of four video modules organised to follow the standard environmental modelling workflow; however, these modules can be viewed in any order based on your previous experience and needs. This video series is designed to give you a high-level understanding of how Leapfrog Works and the Contaminants extension function together.

In this video, we discuss:

  • Importing Data – Import a variety of input data including a georeferenced map, GIS vector data, lithological data, contaminant data and an elevation grid
  • Validating Data – Data validation in Leapfrog works to standardise data types for use in the modelling process
  • Building the Geological Model – Build a model representing the lithological units using borehole interval data
  • Building a Water Table Model – Build a 3D visualisation of the water table using GIS vector data and borehole data
Jeffrey McKeon, Project Geologist at Seequent