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I need to get the volume of only a portion of an existing volume.

You can use the Clip volume option to “extract’ only the part you are interested in from your original volume.
To do so, you need a mesh to clip that volume.

First step: Select or Create a mesh.
If you do not have a mesh/design that materialise the boundary of the volume you are trying to get the measure of, then the first step here is to create this mesh.
Ex. by using the New Extrude Mesh function to create a closed volume from a polyline.

Second step: Clip the existing volume
Use the best option for cutting the volume (see the notes section below).
In this example the Clip Volume is used.

  1. Right click Meshes->Mesh Operation->Clip Volume
  2. Select the Mesh to clip and the mesh to clip with.
  3. Select which part to keep according to the clipping mesh.

Result should look something like this:

You might want to extract the mesh part of the existing volume. This will create a new mesh in the Mesh folder and you will be able to work on it without modifying any object that depends on the original shape.


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