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I want to add users to the Central server and then assign them permission to view specific projects.


Only Central administrators can add new users to a Central server.

  • Add the user via their email address on the main ‘Users’ tab on the left-hand menu of the portal.

Once a User has been added to the Central instance, that user can be assigned to projects by the Project Owner or the Administrator.

The project permission levels available are:

  1. Viewer: They can visualize data in the Central Browser and be given optional export privileges.
  2. Editor: They can publish updates from Leapfrog and access files stored in the Data Room.
  3. Owner: They can share the project with others, publish from Leapfrog and access files in the Data Room.

Please refer to this guide on Adding and Managing Users.
Please refer to this guide on Who is who and what type of user permission is the right one.


All users can access the Central Portal (online) or view published models through the Central Browser, provided they have been added to those projects. However, only ‘Editors’ can access the ‘files’ tab in the Central portal and download projects to Leapfrog provided they have a connector license.

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