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Remote VOXI Fundamentals This instructor-led remote course will provide you with the skills to model gravity and magnetic data in VOXI.

This course uses hands-on activities to demonstrate key considerations for data preparation, testing acquisition hypotheses with forward modelling, auxiliary parameters for inversion setup, best practices for inversion modelling, and finally exploring the inversion solution space. Participants will have the opportunity to create models during and after the workshop using VOXI Earth Modelling.

Registration includes complimentary access to everything you need, including Oasis montaj, and a subscription to VOXI Earth Modelling.



2 x 4hr sessions (run over 2 days = 8hr)


Maximum Capacity:

6 Participants





What will the course cover?


Understanding Inversion

Core concepts to inversion – for beginners or non-inversion specialists


  • Inversion, constraints, and non-uniqueness
  • Understanding model norms and data misfit


Auxiliary Information in Inversion


  • What is auxiliary information/discretization?
  • Mesh geometry (CCC) and cell size
  • Data sampling
  • Error type and misfit distribution
  • Trend removal


Introduction to the VOXI Environment


  • Available tools
  • User interface and integration with Oasis montaj
  • Acceleration and regularization settings
  • Unconstrained inversion workflow
  • Forward modelling workflow


Magnetization Vector Inversion


  • Overview and applications
  • Understanding inversion component outputs


Model Building and Applying Constraints


  • Introduction to constraint building tools and integration with wireframing
  • Upper and lower bounds
  • Parameter reference and weighting models
  • Gradient reference and weighting models
  • Iterative Reweighting Inversion


What take-aways will I get from the course?


  • Comprehensive session notes
  • Common workflow ‘cheat sheets’
  • Certificate of completion


What should I have?


  • Please have your own laptop with the latest version of Oasis montaj installed, as well as a mouse and charger
  • A stable internet connection (
  • A secondary screen is highly recommended