What’s New in Central February 2022

This latest release of Seequent Central sees a step-change that transforms how you engage with all stakeholders on a project – a new capability to embed and share 3D scenes of your model publicly! Whether you need to engage a wider project stakeholder group for faster decisions or communicate project stage progress with the general public, this can all now happen through Central.

This NEW functionality provides transparency and visibility to help de-risk complex projects.Simply set a scene to Public, copy and share the link or embed it in a website. More visibility builds stakeholder trust, allowing them to help you make faster, more confident decisions for better project delivery.

As your team’s shared workspace, Central can be relied on wherever you are in the world. Share one view, discuss and test scenarios. More than a cloud solution – Central enables increased functionality for our desktop customers too.

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Seequent Central brings teams and data together. With Central you can visualise, track and manage your geological data from a centralised, auditable environment ...
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Seequent Central Data Room

Seequent Central Data Room

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