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AGS Workbench release notes

AGS Workbench 6.9

The latest release of Workbench 6.9 provides the tools to further enhance the processing and analysis of data to final inverted geophysical models. Continued improvements and new features provide faster processing, clearer 3D visualization,  more in-depth exploration of your models and support for many new external colormap and grid formats.
New functionality includes data processing filters that remove outliers and maintain accuracy against variations in altitude, current, speed, pitch, and roll.
Geosoft grid and voxel compatibility improves visualization across platforms by importing and exporting 2D grids and 3D volumes in Geosoft formats, making it easy to share and collaborate across Workbench, Oasis montaj and Leapfrog.
Workbench’s 3D viewer now enables Depth of Investigation (DOI) visualisation of 1D models, allowing users to apply transparency to areas beyond the reliable data depth, offering a clear view of model reliability.
Improved plot synchronization, data selection, colourmap support, and text size management make visualisations and export more manageable.
Speed up dual-moment processing time with simultaneous selection and removal of interferences in both high and low moments, with the new Interval tool.