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Due to the Covid19 situation, you may experience issues with performance when connecting from your home offices/remote work sites.   The internet is currently carrying significantly more traffic than normal.  Whilst vendors such as Netflix / Youtube etc are assisting easing the situation by reducing the quality of videos they stream, there is currently substantially more people working from home across the internet.  The connection and its performance will be different, depending on where both the end user is located and the Azure region where the Server is hosted.   A degree of understanding may be required, but symptoms may be able to alleviated via the following:


  1.  Geo, the user can try and increase both the Default and Large request time out until they can consistently publish. In terms of establishing the value, you should use the default value as the base and the best advice is to double it. Until the next release, you will need to set the Large request to the same derived value for Default timeout.

E.g if the current values are:

Default request timeout = 120 seconds
Large request timeout = 200 seconds

then please set the values to:

Default request timeout = 240 seconds
Large request timeout = 240 seconds


decrease the upload chunk size to the smallest number available. (This will ensure that the individual upload chunks don’t take that long to complete.)

To change, please do the following steps: Leapfrog Geo menu > Settings > Central. The timeout settings should be in the Connection section as illustrated below.

2. A downside of having a timeout setting larger than required, is that in a genuine timeout scenario, you will be waiting for longer than necessary before the timeout occurs.

3. As genuine timeouts are more likely on a Wifi network, particularly in areas covered by multiple wireless access points, a user may have a better experience on a wired network.

4.  Client can discuss their internet performance with their IT department or if at home contact their ISP.

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