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Big yellow trucks carrying rock

The Future of data management

Technology is constantly and rapidly evolving and Seequent strives to remain at the forefront to ensure interoperability is achieved to ...
Group talking

The Future of Data and Technology: Interview with Google’s Craig Fenton

Craig Fenton, Google's Director of Strategy and Operation, shared his thoughts with us about the impact of the new “Age ...
aerial city landscape at night

Learning to thrive in the data ecosystem

From openness to ethics, the issues that swirl around data are vast and varied ...
Two tunnels through a mountain

3D Technology Supports Karavanke Road Tunnel Project

The science of tunnelling: how two European infrastructure projects use technology to understand geology ...
Why implicit modelling?

Why implicit modelling?

Geology is a science rather than an engineering discipline because it models the real world instead of building structures ...
Reducing geological risk

Reducing geological risk

Geologic risk is the subjective measure of the willingness of the modeller to put all their eggs in one basket ...
Role models

Role models

Adapted from the medical industry, the increasing speed and flexibility of implicit modelling software have made it a powerful decision-making ...
The future of geological modelling

The future of geological modelling

One of the biggest gaps in mining-industry geoscience is between our understanding of ore deposit formation and application in resource ...