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Lyceum 2021 | Together Towards Tomorrow

Geosciences are now more than ever important for the design, project delivery and maintenance of infrastructure.

Recent engineering accidents and natural disasters have highlighted across many industries the need for better interaction between subsurface and surface information to create more resilient and sustainable communities. In many ways we are in the early stages of a new way of thinking where Geosciences and Engineering are a continuum rather than separate disciplines.

The combination of both disciplines don’t come without challenges. Subsurface models are “pseudo” digital twins of nature, carrying different levels of uncertainty. Subsurface data is generally scattered, irregular, and furthermore, expensive to obtain. How can geoscientists effectively communicate the risk and uncertainty of subsurface models to engineers? What are the current technology trends (e.g., IoT) that can help measure, reduce and even manage the risk and uncertainty of subsurface models? Addressing these challenges will support better data driven decisions in geosciences for managing the life cycle of an infrastructure or asset.



Ray Yost
Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Advisian

Jeremy Wrathall
Founder & CEO, Cornish Lithium Ltd

Cristian de Santos
CEO & Co-Founder, SAALG Geomechanics

Hiromasa Shima
Executive Officer, OYO Corporation

Ignacio Torresi
Solutions Director, Geostatistics. Seequent


40 min

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