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Let's find the next world-class deposit together.

Let’s find the next world-class deposit together. Affordable, flexible, mobile and hosted, MX Deposit gives you full control over all of your drill hole and sample data. Take a tour:


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Video Transcript

Drill and sample information is the lifeblood

of exploration in mining companies and

they’re essential for making effective decisions

while exploring, developing and managing

resources. Managing exploration

programs with traditional spreadsheets or

generic tools, limits your ability

to make informed decisions during exploration,

costing you both time and money.

To solve this challenge Seequent and Minalytix

have partnered to provide Deposit,

a modern web and mobile cloud-hosted

subscription service that’s designed specifically

for logging and managing your drilling and

sample data.

Here’s how it works.

With Deposit, all your drilling samples, point

and exploration project data are stored

in a secure cloud server.

Using the power and scalability of the

cloud, Deposit can handle anything

you throw at it.

From greenfields exploration to grade

control, explorers

anywhere can connect to the Deposit web server

to log, view, manage drill holes

or sample data using their laptop, tablet

or smartphone.

So whether you’re in exploration manager travelling

between projects

or a geologist working in the field,

Deposit can follow you anywhere

and your data is always available right at

your fingertips.

As a web based subscription service,

there’s no requirement to purchase software,

hardware or on premise IT infrastructure.

Simply having a computer or tablet with Internet

access will get you started.

Simple right?

Let’s take a closer look.

With straightforward configuration and an interface

designed for geoscientists,

Deposit is easy to set up

and requires little or no consulting or training.

Modules, tools and data objects

within Deposit can be configured for use

throughout your project,

allowing you to set up different types of activities.

The Deposit workflow covers any activity

where samples or assets were collected

throughout the life cycle of a deposit.

For example, diamond and percussion drilling,

grade control, underground face sampling,

metallurgical sampling, stockpile sampling,

sampling in the mill circuit and more.

Deposit makes logging simple and efficient,

giving you full control of your drill hole

and sample data logging environment.

You can work online with the web and mobile apps.

When you’re offline in the field, you can use the

mobile app to quickly capture, log,

validate, edit or just review your


Connect and synchronize your data online later

to provide your team with the latest results.

Deposit provides a smooth workflow

for submitting samples to a laboratory.

This workflow includes easy to use, customizable


dispatch headers, service schedules,

prep types and codes for all major

sample analysis laboratories.

Having high quality drill and sample data

is critical to effective decision making

in all parts of the exploration and mining workflow.

Deposit incorporates industry standard

best practices for data collection and quality


and is easily customized to the specific

requirements of your projects.

Conduct ongoing quality assurance,

quality control and reporting for analytical

results and data quality.

Data can be collected in Deposit with a full

audit trail to maximize the value

of your drill and sample data. Easily

import and validate all of your drill hole

and sample data in one step by

using predefined and customizable validation

rules. Deposit makes

working with point data more efficient.

Easily validate, track and manage

samples, including soil samples, outcrop

samples, process control samples in

the mill circuit

or underground face sampling.

If you’re managing an exploration project,

Deposit provides powerful built in

management capabilities.

You can view the project summary page to quickly

get an idea of how your project is progressing.

Monitor your project status and generate


Predefined work flows are available to streamline

data handling and management.

Dashboard widgets provide self-serve real-time

access to reports and information

to anyone in the organization with appropriate

security access.

Log in anytime from anywhere, allowing

you to make informed decisions and keep

the project moving in the right direction.

Import and export data from GIS

mine planning and more.

Integrate directly with your labs to submit

samples or save results.

Access surface samples directly from

your GIS software. Push or pull

data to and from your mine modelling package

and use the deposit public API to

connect with other third party applications

or software.

Work is underway to connect Deposit to other

Seequent products, including Leapfrog

Geo and Seequent Central.

When you want to visualize, interpret and

create 3D models of your drill hole data,

Deposit directly integrates with Geosoft

Target or Oasis Montaj.

Easily import entire drill hole projects

directly into your Geosoft environment.

Target rock code files are created automatically

enabling you to quickly plot lithology

that’s consistent with source data.

Deposit is always evolving,

and because it’s a software service, you can get

the latest features as soon as they’re available

without the need to upgrade.

If you need help while using Deposit, we

provide responsive support tools like

a built in ticketing system, online chat

and a knowledge base to help you solve issues

quickly. By combining the flexibility

and affordability of the cloud with an innovative


Deposit simplifies how you’re drilling and

sample data are collected, managed and

shared. Deposit can scale to meet

your needs. If you’re a junior explorer

with a single project or a multinational

with hundreds of geologists working on projects

around the world,

pay monthly or yearly for your subscription

based on your user account.

You could easily change your level of engagement with Deposit

by increasing or reducing the number of users

based on your project requirements at a given time.

Subscribed users can have different rules

which determine their access, such as administrators,

reviewers, shift workers or geologists

collecting samples in the field.

So whether you’re working in the head office, on

site or remotely,

you’ll always have the tools to get the job done

with Deposit.

Let us know if you have any questions, or if you’d like

to find out more about Deposit.