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In May's GeoStudio TechTalk - SLOPE/W Case Study: Stability of a Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall - we will explore how to use SLOPE/W to analyse slip surfaces that pass through the reinforced zone behind a mechanically stabilised earth wall.

Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls, also called reinforced soil walls, are commonly used structures for retaining the earth under bridges, highways, railroads, waterfront ports, and various other types of infrastructure. Designing an MSE wall requires consideration of the geometric configuration and reinforcement requirement to ensure external and internal stability.

Join Seequent’s Chris Kelln in this webinar, and listen to him:

  • Demonstrate how SLOPE/W can be used to analyse the external stability of sliding masses;
  • Introduce the best practice workflow for creating a slope stability analysis of an MSE wall; and
  • Discuss internal stability to highlight the distinction between it and compound failures.



Chris Kelln
Director of Engineering, GeoStudio


40 min

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