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The March GeoStudio TechTalk continues with another segment of the SIGMA/W Materials Models series by discussing the two SANICLAY material models available in GeoStudio.

In this webinar, we reviewed the new SANICLAY material models as part of the next segment of the SIGMA/W Material Models series.

Natural clays will generally exhibit anisotropic behaviour, in part due to the K0-consolidation stress history to which clays are often subjected. The SANICLAY material models are new additions to SIGMA/W that excel in the modelling of such anisotropic behaviour of clayey soils. They are useful for analyzing geotechnical structures constructed on soft clays.

Watch Seequent’s Vincent Castonguay:
• Introduce the SANICLAY soil models, their most important features and the difference between the two implementations available in SIGMA/W;
• Review of the model’s input parameters and how to adjust them from simple laboratory tests; and
• Review the SANICLAY material models in SIGMA/W.



Vincent Castonguay
Research & Development Scientist – Seequent


50 min

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Video Transcript

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